Successful companies use a variety of surveys and assessments to measure progress and surface improvement "hot spots" in the business.   Many improvement approaches have them integrated into the methodology, such as:

  • The Baldrige criteria calls for capturing, analyzing, and acting upon:

    • Customer feedback (Category 3: Customer and Market Focus)

    • Employee feedback (Category 5: Human Resource Focus)

  • Six Sigma has a number of points inside the DMAIC and DMADV models where voice of the customer is obtained, measured, and analyzed

  • ISO 9000 requires a system whereby customer feedback is addressed

  • Change management often relies heavily on organizational environment assessments

  • Customer loyalty approaches advocated by authors such as Steve Walker, Brad Gale, James Heskett, Earl Naumann, and Frederick Reichheld often have as a cornerstone, a survey-based approach

Survey Benefits    Building the Voice of the Customer and Employee into your management system provides significant business benefits.  

  • Acting on Customer Survey Feedback can increase repeat purchases, referrals, and customer retention.   

  • Acting on Employee Survey Feedback can increase employee morale and productivity and reduce turnover (thus reducing hiring and training costs).  

Why should you be skeptical of surveys?    More often than not, companies are not optimizing their investment in such survey programs.  Surveys take time and cost money.  Doing a survey and letting the results collect dust in a binder generates a negative ROI.  Our philosophy:  "If you're not prepared to act on the results, don't do the survey."   With over 24 years experience in survey design and analysis, JCG can help you squeeze every dime of value from your program.


How can JCG help?

  • Design and analysis of employee attitude and customer loyalty surveys

  • Action planning is often a point of failure in the process.  In order to achieve a positive ROI for a survey effort, it's vital that your organization take action on the survey results  

    • JCG works with your management to implement a streamlined action planning and tracking process

    • Additionally, we provide value-added training on survey action planning

    • Help in quantifying the financial impact of your survey initiative

  • Project-based surveys for efforts such as change management, Six Sigma, and internal program assessments

  • Referrals.  For large, international studies, we can refer you to a leading survey vendor with a worldwide network

  • Communication Audits

    • If you have ever received feedback that communication could be better around here, this service can be of help.   Tailored to your organization, it provides specific and actionable feedback on communication gaps.   Addressing the gaps leads to improved productivity, less confusion and errors, and higher customer satisfaction.    Doing before and after measures allows you quantify communication improvement.  

  • Baldrige Assessments

    • Full-scale support for your Baldrige-based efforts including internal assessments, assessment evaluation, application prep support, and support in addressing improvement opportunities.

Sound Bytes:   Some unique ways JCG consultants have helped others . . . 

  • Through application of Six Sigma methods, one organization reduced the cycle time of their customer survey process by 25% and program cost by 40%.

  • In one company, it was found that customers receiving survey follow-ups from the sales force had a 1.3x greater probability of remaining loyal. 

  • An action planning and tracking process resulted in a worldwide increase in employee satisfaction and gains in customer repurchase and referral.

  • One organization wanted to reduce the surveying window for an employee opinion study.  A response sequence analysis showed that dissatisfied employees were responding disproportionately sooner, and that "closing the polls" early would skew the data.

  • In a change management study, a timing analysis was performed quantifying a drop in productivity with a sharp rise in sick days - not after a change was announced, but several days prior - as word leaked out.

  • An "administrivia" study was performed that quantified the amount of time and money being spent on managers performing non-value add tasks.

  • Coached a 1200-person organization to achieve over a 300-point gain in their Baldrige-based assessment process.



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