"The Jeff Cole Group, Ltd. - a world-class change management consultant."

                                                      - Defense Transportation Journal   


"Jeff Cole is the consummate business improvement professional and advisor.  He has helped our leadership team improve our business through Malcolm Baldrige assessment work, benchmarking and action planning.  In addition, we had Jeff provide training and development for our consultants so that they were better versed in Six Sigma and Lean principles.  I would highly recommend Jeff to any senior executive that is trying to drive continuous business improvement in their company."

- Steve Walker          

Chairman and CEO  

Walker Information  


"Since 2003, Jeff Cole has been a valued contractor for Motorola University .  He has trained and coached hundreds of our leaders and black belts as well as over a thousand green belts.  He brings a great blend of experience to the table, having been a former quality executive in a global firm as well as being a technically proficient Master Black Belt.  This has allowed him to train and communicate effectively within all levels of our company including our senior leadership.  He has consistently achieved excellent ratings from the students and continues to be a value-add to our team"

- Jeff Summers           


Motorola University  


“For several years, Jeff and I worked together on the NCR Global Quality Leadership Team where he helped set company quality strategy and owned several global processes.  Working with Jeff was always a pleasure.  He exhibited sound leadership ability and business acumen along with strong technical skills.  Jeff led the effort that brought Six Sigma into the company, built and managed the NCR Quality Institute, and turned around negative global trends in several of our process scorecard metrics.  He has a proven ability to diagnose complex problems, set a course for improvement and lead the change during execution.  With no hesitation or reservation, I would ask Jeff to be on my quality team anytime.”

- Rob Davis                

Chief Quality Officer 

NCR Corporation    



"I used Jeff Cole at Seagate to do some leadership work with our Master Black Belts. He related well with them on a number of levels, did a great job and helped us to drive solid results. I recommend Jeff and his team to anyone needing help in their Lean Six Sigma efforts."

- Dan Tegel, Ph.D.     

Senior Director        

Seagate Technology


"Jeff Cole was my Six Sigma Black Belt instructor while I was a participant in a 2-year Black Belt training program at one of the largest privately- owned corporations in the world.  All of the Black Belts in our training program were going to be working in customer-facing, transactional environments where it was critical to first understand where we should go looking for data.  After coaching us through that, Jeff used creative examples to help us learn to how to understand what our data was telling us, how to be confident in our results, and importantly - how to present what we discovered to Executive leaders in a way that would resonate with them ...  Jeff's technical and mathematical aptitude is beyond question, but the thing I learned most from him is that data analysis need not be intimidating or cumbersome.  By encouraging us to work with our own data in class, he emphasized practical application of the Six Sigma techniques as well as the Minitab tools.  Coupled with the fact that he is a fun and engaging instructor, I would unreservedly recommend Jeff as a partner in building expertise in and a culture of continuous improvement."

Raina Z. Cincoski, PMP             

Senior Project/Portfolio Manager

Fortune 25 Healthcare Company 


"In 1999, through an Executive loan program, I served as the first Executive Director of the Ohio Award for Excellence (OAE) now Ohio Performance Excellence, a non-profit state quality program based upon the proven Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria.  Jeff Cole served on the OAE Board of Trustees for the years 2000 and 2001.  


Not only did Jeff serve on the board and conduct numerous internal assessments at NCR, his knowledge and experience with the criteria allowed him to be accepted by the US Department of Commerce as a national Baldrige Examiner for the years 2002 and 2003.  


I found his attention to detail and quality focus to be very instrumental in greatly helping OAE and the applicants he and his teams examined."

- Tom Casperson


"Jeff Cole has worked as a Master Black Belt for Motorola University for several years, both within the Company and with our external customers and suppliers. Jeff has worked with a wide variety of clients in many diverse and challenging functions and industries. He has been a Subject Matter Expert and designer of our Lean Yellow Belt and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt programs. Jeff consistently gets very high marks on our program evaluations and provides us with very satisfied customers."

- Ed Bales                   

Program Manager     

Motorola University  


"I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Cole as he facilitated a week long Six Sigma Green Belt training session ...  Jeff was intimately familiar with the material for this training session, allowing him to thoughtfully provide focus in certain areas throughout the week.  As an example, knowing that the heavy statistical work would require the group's full attention, he set the appropriate expectation with the group in advance and managed the time effectively (frequent breaks and thought provoking exercises) to ensure the group internalized the information.  Jeff excelled at managing questions from the group.  In particular, he did not just provide a response, he probed to understand what was driving the question, challenged the group to think about the question and provide their own response, and at times "followed the path" of the wrong response to illustrate why it was incorrect and to highlight the RATIONALE, not just the answer.  Finally, Jeff's real-world experience allowed him to draw entertaining stories from his past to illustrate points.  I not only enjoyed the course, but learned the content vs. memorizing the concepts. "

- Jim Marvel                       

Vice President                  

The Coca-Cola Company


"Jeff provided a great learning environment to become familiar with the concepts of Six Sigma. His depth of knowledge in Six Sigma made the concepts easy to understand and the real world examples demonstrated the benefits of the application of the Six Sigma to everyday business problems. Jeff provided a fun atmosphere to learn and practice the application of the Six Sigma concepts. The exercises engaged the whole class and led to a better understanding of the underlying concepts of Six Sigma. If you want to learn the concepts of Six Sigma and how to effectively apply them, Jeff is the GO TO resource to learn any and everything about Six Sigma."

- Chris Corrigan          

Booz Allen Hamilton


“Jeff Cole is an awesome instructor; I recently completed four weeks of Black Belt training where Jeff was my instructor. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the Six Sigma DMAIC process and supporting statistical tools. The real world examples he presented in the training proved to be very useful in helping me understand some of the more complex areas of the Six Sigma DMAIC process. His expert knowledge in Minitab also complimented the training, making the whole Six Sigma Black Belt course a worthwhile investment."

- Chris Pitts, PMP,
Program Manager
Motorola, Inc.

"Jeff offered guidance and oversight from day one, throughout the DMAIC project process to project completion and well into the next year when he and I had to discuss incorporating additional methods to maintain the Control phase as the global financial crisis expanded.


I am extremely impressed with Jeff Cole and his classy, respectful approach to instructing Six Sigma DMAIC methodology and philosophy. In working with me, he was able to tailor the program to incorporate financial services-related DMAIC tools pertinent to me and my employer. Jeff’s abilities to speak and teach Six Sigma and Lean methodologies within a Service industry (rather than manufacturing only) added tremendous value.    Under Jeff 's  excellent training I was able to fully comprehend and implement the Six Sigma DMAIC process."

- Paul Radloff           


Franklin Templeton


“Jeff Cole led a quality, highly valuable Six Sigma course that I intended.   Jeff had the ability to teach a very complex topic in a way that related to all those who attended.    His use of real life experiences and easy to understand analogies made the course a joy to comprehend.   Jeff’s mastery of Six Sigma commensurate with his likeable personality would provide high value add to any client seeking insight into any business challenge.  I really enjoyed learning under Jeff’s leadership”

- Scott Nance              

Principal Consultant   



"Jeff Cole is an exceptional and thoroughly professional Six Sigma instructor.  Using real world examples, he presented complex material in a manner that facilitated understanding.  If I was responsible for a process that required improvement, I'd want Jeff on my DMAIC team." 

- Rick Sanders            

Booz Allen Hamilton